More Houses for Cholsey?

I know we’ve got The Referendum coming up on Thursday, but this is Very Important to the Future of our Village.
Please do go along and have YOUR say to help show Cholsey has a strong voice. The more people who turn up and show an interest, the more SODC should listen.



Tuesday 28 June 2.30-6.30pm


Cholsey Pavilion, Station Road,       OX10 9PT

SODC are seeking views about their preferred approaches to tackling a number of important issues.

These issues include the number of new homes, amount of employment and other services that they need to plan for up to 2032 and levels of infrastructure required to support this.

Come along and give your views about Cholsey’s future.


2 thoughts on “More Houses for Cholsey?

  1. Hi Mark, this is very short notice for a meeting just a few days away, especially as it is during most people’s working hours. Is there any other way to have input on this important issue? Thanks.

    • Hi Andrea.
      I completely agree that this is very short notice; we only heard in the Parish Office this morning.
      I will push SODC to extend the opening hours.

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