Drainage Update


Following the deluge of last week I have been able to bring the county’s most senior drainage expert to the village to inspect our gullies and drains.
As a result of the visit various areas of the drainage network will be jetted to clear them of obstructions. Areas that are remote from the flooded areas will also be inspected for blockages.
The areas to be jetted are The Forty, outside The Pavilion on Station Road and from the Red Lion to Goldfinch Lane.


5 thoughts on “Drainage Update

  1. Wow great job Mark it is ages since they last jetted outside the pavilion… can’t remember the other areas ever being done!

  2. Hello Mark

    We have just returned from holiday today to find that our house has been flooded in our absence. Will the planned jetting cover our house? We have a drain just in front of our front door which frequently backs up in heavy rain. Also the one on the opposite side of the Wallingford Road seems to block.

    I do hope that this will be included in the planned investigation and works.

    Please let us know what is planned.

    Thanks Jane

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  3. You may remember my house, 59a Wallingford Road and my neighbours houses were flooded two years ago. Perhaps the drainage guys could also check this are of the Wallingford Road?

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