SODC Local Plan 2032. More building in Cholsey?

SODC will be consulting on the Local Plan 2032 in The Pavilion on Tuesday 28th June – tomorrow – from 2.30 to 6.30pm.
Consultation documents and information boards will be available,  as will members of the planning department to answer questions.
A number of people in the village have suggested that a finish time of 6.30 is too early as it will not allow people who work to engage. I have contacted SODC Planning to this end and they have agreed to hold a second session later in the summer.
They are also at pains to point out that this consultation is generic and members of the public can go to any of the exhibitions staged around the area.


More Houses for Cholsey?

I know we’ve got The Referendum coming up on Thursday, but this is Very Important to the Future of our Village.
Please do go along and have YOUR say to help show Cholsey has a strong voice. The more people who turn up and show an interest, the more SODC should listen.



Tuesday 28 June 2.30-6.30pm


Cholsey Pavilion, Station Road,       OX10 9PT

SODC are seeking views about their preferred approaches to tackling a number of important issues.

These issues include the number of new homes, amount of employment and other services that they need to plan for up to 2032 and levels of infrastructure required to support this.

Come along and give your views about Cholsey’s future.

Drainage Update


Following the deluge of last week I have been able to bring the county’s most senior drainage expert to the village to inspect our gullies and drains.
As a result of the visit various areas of the drainage network will be jetted to clear them of obstructions. Areas that are remote from the flooded areas will also be inspected for blockages.
The areas to be jetted are The Forty, outside The Pavilion on Station Road and from the Red Lion to Goldfinch Lane.

Remarkable News

This evening SODC refused planning permission to  91 new houses at the CABI site.
I represented Crowmarsh Gifford and was joined by district councillors, members of the public and Adrian Lloyd from Wallingford Town Council.
The reasons given were that the development would be unsustainable, should not be allowed on the AONB and the lack of affordable housing. Only time will tell if there is to be an appeal against this decision, but for the time being the right decision has been reached.