Celsea Place Planning Inquiry

The planning inquiry on the 61 houses that Linden Homes hope they will be allowed to build at Celsea Place has concluded.

It is likely that they will be successful in their appeal as the District Council has now removed its objections to the application.

The Parish Council, however still opposes the development and a number of us, supported by residents, put forward as strong a case against as we could.

Our arguments include:

Issues around sewage and water pressure,

Harm to the The Forty as more people access it in cars,

Accuracy of the Linden plans,

Poor siting of the open space to accommodate the Roman remains,

Parking issues in Celsea Place,

Ensuring the site cannot be joined to the much larger field behind,

and the proposed design of some of the houses; not in keeping with the village.

At the end of the day the interested parties accompanied the Inspector on a site visit, including not just the site but the school, station and The Forty.

A decision should be made within six weeks.



2 thoughts on “Celsea Place Planning Inquiry

  1. Benson faces a similar situation with an appeal in our Parish. SODC planning officer is going to recommend to the Planning Committee that the appeal is not contested. 😦

  2. Hi Jon
    What is happening in Benson is appalling.
    The reason is that SODC has been judged by inspectors to have lost its five year land supply, therefore sny “sustainable” developments should be passed.
    The government is entirely responsible for this state of affairs. I believe they have done this to keep the economy ticking over.

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