Gravel Pit Update

After their less than competent performance at last week’s Parish Council meeting, Grundon are mounting a public exhibition to show their plans for New Barn Farm.
The exhibition will be held in the Pavilion on Monday 14th from 2 to 8pm. They will discuss their thoughts on how they will extract hundreds of thousands of tonnes of gravel over a period of up to twenty years.
Please come along to tell them what you think of their plans…..


2 thoughts on “Gravel Pit Update

  1. Mark, I take it that this is not a faites accompli, and that any plans Grundon have will have to be congruent with a revised core strategy and subject to planning permission, i.e. we can fight to stop pursuit of profit from blighting thousands of lives ?
    David H.

    • Hi David
      You’re quite right, this is not a fait accompli. Grundon are being pre-emptive in their pursuit of a quick buck.
      As the core strategy progresses it gains strength. An inspector may choose to throw out the New Barn Farm application on this basis.

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