Consulting On Cuts

You will have read on my blog yesterday that the County Council is investigating the possibility of holding a referendum on increasing the Council Tax.

If you would like to be better informed about where the cuts will fall you can visit the County Council website and look at consultations.

There is also the opportunity to attend a “Talking Oxfordshire” event in the Regal, Wallingford, this Thursday 5th November at 7.30. You will need to book to attend, again on the OCC website under consultations.

You can take the opportunity to challenge Ian Hudspeth (Leader OCC) about the impact of the loss of the services and to push him (if you wish) about why he is not even contemplating setting a realistic budget so that people at least have the choice to vote to protect services …  Ian’s stock line is that you can only save one service at the expense of another, so where would you cut instead?  My response to that is that we need to save them all.  I couldn’t begin to make a choice between the buses people rely on and the Children’s or Older Peoples Health and Wellbeing centres they use the buses to visit.  You may want to tell him what you think!


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