A Referendum For Oxfordshire

The County Council has this afternoon, unanimously, decided to take a survey on whether (or not) to hold a referendum into raising the council tax by more than 2%.
The decision was taken with cross party support as there is such concern within the council at the level of cuts forced on the county by central government.
The reason for a survey is that a full referendum will cost up to £800,0000. In effect this is OCC dipping a toe in the water to see how people feel.
I will be very interested to see how people feel.



2 thoughts on “A Referendum For Oxfordshire

  1. I would be in favour, but would hope there could be ways of reducing the cost, which seems excessive. Could the posting of letter been devolved to Parish level using volunteers ? – and even possibly the collection of completed slips?

    • Thanks Steve
      I can’t answer your question I’m afraid, but I am aware that the government makes it as difficult/ costly to hold a referendum to discourage councils from doing so.

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