Celsea Place Update

The agents for Celsea Place have submitted an appeal against “non determination” as the District Council have not made up their collective minds on the proposed development within the time allowed to them.

This is not good news. In Benson where the district allowed this to happen the Planning Inspector allowed the appeal and as a result the village will be getting 120 extra houses in a location that they had not planned for.

Further, with the government’s presumption in favour of sustainable development there is pressure on inspectors to allow these “rogue” developments.

We will have a fight on our hands to stop this, but I truly believe that, at this stage, Celsea Place is not the right area to be developed as our village grows.  This kind of ad hoc development is not good in general and is a disaster for Cholsey in particular.


3 thoughts on “Celsea Place Update

  1. Hi Mark, I noticed this update in the Forty. I was under the impression that this site had been signed off for development. Do you know what the situation is with any of the other proposed sites in the village and where we might expect housing to be built first?

    • Hi Nick
      Celsea Place is one of three potential sites identified by SODC as potential development sites under their Site Allocations Process.
      I have just written to the council to ask thm to get on with this process. I believe that, at the moment, we are just left hanging and there is the danger that we could end up with planning driven by developers.
      The Parish Council supports all development in the village on one site.

      • Hi Mark

        Which are the other sites identified by SODC and which site is the Parish Council supporting?

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