Chinooks Come To Benson

This evening I attended the briefing run by the RAF to look at the imminent changes at Benson.
The Merlin helicopters currently based at Benson are leaving to join the Royal Navy and will be replaced by Chinooks on 22nd October.
Outwardly there will be very little change, but even the station leadership admit that the Chinook is a much noisier beast than the machines which they are replacing.
The RAF plan to fly two Chinooks a day plus air testing and night flying. They claim that a significant amount of the flying will be away from the local area.
In order to minimise noise the RAF plan to limit flying times, use relief landing grounds, confined area training and use of other airfields. 
At the meeting it was obvious there is considerable concern about noise, but the base commander wouldn’t be drawn on the level to which it would be greater than at present.
For most people the greatest issue is over flying at night, particularly in the summer.


One thought on “Chinooks Come To Benson

  1. Chinooks have been visiting aircraft at Benson over the years. As they have rotors at back and front, there is twice the downwash and twice the noise. But as everyone moved into the area knowing there was an airforce station next door, it is not too reasonable to complain about the noise. Like moving next door to a church and complaining about the bells.

    Cath >

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