Defibrillator Working

The first of the Parish Council defibrillators is now installed and working.

The unit is based in the old telephone box on Papist Way at the junction of Weedon Close. To access it you need to have rung 999 and the ambulance service will give you a code that allows the box containing the defibrillator to be opened.

A second defibrillator will be placed on the outside of Tesco when their maintenance staff are able to undertake the installation.


Wot No Tesco?

The power cut at 8.30 this morning has meant that the village’s favourite convenience store has failed to open all day.
Clare, the manager of Tesco Express, says the store will remain closed for the foreseeable future as the power cut burned out the wiring that serves the tills.
Various engineers have been in during the day, but a specialist is needed and the nearest available person is caught in traffic sixty miles away.

Balloon Festival, Cholsey

Don’t forget the second Cholsey Balloon Festival this evening.

There will be about ten balloons in attendance, a “glow” and a tethered balloon for “flights”.

There will also be food (burgers), a bar and live music.

People who came last year will tell you what a memorable and hugely enjoyable event it is.

From 5 to 9pm in the Jubilee Field at the back of The Rec. Free entry.

New Doorstep recycling

From 7th september we will be able to recycle small electrical items and clothes/ textiles that aren’t good enough for charity shops at the kerbside.

SODC will collect textiles with our green bins and small electricals – toasters, kettles, irons, hairdryers, radios, toys etc – with our black bins. Just put the item(s) in a carrier bag and leave it next to your bin on the requisite collection day.