Parking Consultation

At last, at long long last the County Council is consulting on parking restrictions in the village.

The restrictions will cover Station Road, Papist Way, Crescent Way, Honey Lane, Pound Lane and Ferry Lane

The documents and plans detailing the changes are available on the Parish Council website and will be available in Cholsey Community Library from Tuesday 14th July, they are also in Wallingford Library. Comments should be returned to OCC by post to:

Christian Mauz
Traffic Safety & Accident Prevention,
Oxfordshire County Council, Speedwell House, OXFORD, OX1 1NE

or by e-mail to:

RE: CONSULTATION – Various Roads, Cholsey – Proposed Parking Restrictions

FYI – notice of the proposal above has been advertised in the Oxford Times today, Thursday 09th July 2015.
I am writing to seek your views on the proposal to restrict the parking of vehicles in various roads within Cholsey as per the following measures:
o   to introduce new parking prohibitions in parts of Papist Way, Reading Road and Ferry Lane (plus adjacent side roads) to ensure safe passage of vehicles entering/leaving the new housing areas,
o   to introduce new parking prohibitions in parts of Crescent Way, Buckthorn Lane and Kentwood Close; and to introduce restricted waiting in parts of Crescent Way to prevent all-day parking,
o   to introduce additional parking prohibitions at the junction of Honey Lane and Pound Lane, and to introduce time-limited parking in the layby on Honey Lane,
o   to introduce additional lengths of parking prohibitions and restricted waiting (to prevent all-day parking) in parts of Station Road near the Pavilion,
o   to remove some existing parking restrictions on parts of Papist Way near Station Road to allow some additional on-street parking.
The proposals have been developed in specific response to a variety of concerns and are also aimed at limiting the likelihood of danger to persons or other traffic using these roads whilst also facilitating the passage of traffic on the road. In light of this, please find the following documents attached:
  • Public Notice,
  • Plan of the proposed restrictions,
  • Statement of Reasons,
  • Draft Traffic Regulation Order amendment.
As detailed on the notice, any objections or other representations on the crossings should be submitted by Friday 07th August 2015.

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