Cyclist Killed on Wallingford Road, Cholsey; Three Arrested.

A Wallingford cyclist has died from injuries sustained in a hit and run accident last Sunday night.
The fifty year old man was hit by a dark coloured Kia car on the Wallingford Road after leaving Cholsey station.
Three people have been arrested as a result of the incident.


4 thoughts on “Cyclist Killed on Wallingford Road, Cholsey; Three Arrested.

  1. This the 2nd cyclist killed on the Wallingford Rd so now we all need to work together and support Mark and get the cycle path completed. as soon as possible.

    • Many thanks for your support Val,I had an email from Ed Vazey who has also commented on the campaign to get a cycle lane on that piece of road ,it is straight and encourages motorists to be complacent and speed

      • HI Malcolm so sorry for your loss in such a needless way. There will be a cycle path hopefully this spring along the existing path by the hedge. which will make it a little safer.

  2. The cyclist killed in this article was my brother Graham Ruecroft ,please read the read the link below which tells you of his life and a petition in his name which calls for tougher sentencing for perpetrators of death by dangerous driving .Please support this petition by following the link and taking the time to sign ,many thanks

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