Cholsey Parking

I am told that the County Council will finally be getting on with the formal consultation on changes to parking regulations in the village.
The consultation should start in early July.
Areas effected include Station Road, Ferry Way, Papist Way and Pound Lane.


3 thoughts on “Cholsey Parking

  1. What about West End? I think the “Access only” sign painted on the road, as suggested at the last meeting, would at least make people think twice.
    I had a situation recently where a 4×4 was parked directly outside my house. After 3 days I telephoned the police and gave details. The next day I came home to find the vehicle still there with a note from the police on the screen, very politely asking them not to park there again or they would get a £30 ticket. This attitude is of no help at all. The vehicle left on the 5th day, without a fine!

  2. Why is West End being ignored AGAIN? We have to deal with commuters (and their abuse) on a daily basis. We had a consultation months ago where it was agreed that there would be action – but yet again we’re ignored? If you sort out the problem in the surrounding streets only – they are going to park in West End and make our situation even more unbearable than it already is!

    • Hi Lesley
      I think you missed the word “include” when you read my piece on “Cholsey Parking”.
      At the informal meeting some months ago residents voted unanimously against lining on the roads, opting for signage changes and extensions.
      Now the County is moving on this implementation I will do all I can to ensure your area is protected.

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