Fair Mile Crossing Meeting

Last night I met a group of Fair Mile residents to discuss issues around crossing the Reading road. Many people are concerned at the speed of traffic on the road and the lack of a crossing.

We decided that many of the issues relate to the Papist way/ Reading Road crossing and it might be best to focus on getting the County Council to make some changes at this point.

The Farm Entrance (nearest to Wallingford) will soon have night timeĀ illumination and a pedestrian island to ease crossing at that end. We are waiting for Linden homes to install this feature, but understand this to be imminent.

I have spoken to a Highways engineer who will come to meet a small group of representatives to discuss what might be done on the very limited budget that might be available.


One thought on “Fair Mile Crossing Meeting

  1. If their isn’t enough money why don’t we do some form of charity event to raise money? In the cricket field on the cholsey meadows estate? The amount of residents who want a crossing their, would help raise the money?
    We could do facepainting and games, for family and children. Make some cakes to sell ect.
    If we can look in to getting the field for a couple of hours one or even two afternoons on a weekend or in the holidays I’m more then happy to help with arranging all this.

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