Waitrose Green Token Scheme Supports Cholsey “Action In The Park”

The Parish Council run “Action In The Park” is one of the activities that will receive funding from the June round of “Community Matters”, perhaps better known as “Waitrose green tokens”.
Action In The Park provides a fortnight of activities for children of all ages during the summer holidays.  Last year’s event included a climbing wall, hot air balloon, the Cholsey beach and dance and drumming workshops.
So, if you are shopping in Waitrose, please use your tokens to support us.




Cyclist Killed on Wallingford Road, Cholsey; Three Arrested.

A Wallingford cyclist has died from injuries sustained in a hit and run accident last Sunday night.
The fifty year old man was hit by a dark coloured Kia car on the Wallingford Road after leaving Cholsey station.
Three people have been arrested as a result of the incident.

Morrison’s News

Alec Hayton, ex mayor of Wallingford,  tells me that Morrisons have put up their Wallingford site for sale. This is one of eight sites that the beleaguered supermarket giant (tabloid speak) is selling.
Bad news for our areaas Morrisons seemed to offer something different.
I will try to find out more.

Cholsey Parking

I am told that the County Council will finally be getting on with the formal consultation on changes to parking regulations in the village.
The consultation should start in early July.
Areas effected include Station Road, Ferry Way, Papist Way and Pound Lane.

Fair Mile Crossing Meeting

Last night I met a group of Fair Mile residents to discuss issues around crossing the Reading road. Many people are concerned at the speed of traffic on the road and the lack of a crossing.

We decided that many of the issues relate to the Papist way/ Reading Road crossing and it might be best to focus on getting the County Council to make some changes at this point.

The Farm Entrance (nearest to Wallingford) will soon have night time illumination and a pedestrian island to ease crossing at that end. We are waiting for Linden homes to install this feature, but understand this to be imminent.

I have spoken to a Highways engineer who will come to meet a small group of representatives to discuss what might be done on the very limited budget that might be available.

New Books at the Community Library

The Community Library now has a dedicated trolley for new books.
Recent new books include “Gone Girl”, “The Girl On The Train ” and Lynda Bellingham ‘ s last book “The Boy I Love “. We also have a reference copy of Ian Wheeler’s new book on Fair Mile.


The library is in the Pavilion at Station Road.
Opening hours
Monday to Friday  2-4.30pm
Friday  6-8pm
Saturday  9.30am -12.30pm