SODC Election Result

Unfortunately I failed to get re-elected to SODC on Thursday.
I always thought it was a tall order due to the high turnout at a General Election and the boundary changes. However, I got my highest vote ever.
The make-up of SODC is now 33 Tories, 1 Lib Dem, 1 Henley Resident and 1 Labour.
Losing the election will not diminish my commitment to the village and I will still be available as much as ever if you have an issue or problem. I still hold the County Council seat.
The full result was as follows:

Election Results for Cholsey


Pat Dawe   Conservative    2154     24.35%

Jane Murphy    Conservative    1746    19.77%

Not Elected

Mark Stuart Gray    Independent    1323    14.98%

Adrian Lee Cull    Liberal Democrat    810    9.17%

Ginnie Herbert    Labour    683   7.73%

Sam Casey-Rerhaye    Green    567    6.42%

Steve Beatty    UK Independence Party (UKIP)    559    6.33%

Barbara Tompsett    Labour    539    6.1%

Bob Nielsen    UK Independence Party (UKIP)    455    5.15%


3 thoughts on “SODC Election Result

  1. Thats a real shame. Thank you for all you have contributed over the years, you’ve made a positive difference to our community…

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