New Housing Consultation

SODC are holding a consultation event to look at where the new housing in the village should go. In the period of the next local plan (to 2031) Cholsey has to take at least 128 new homes.
The sites are :
1 Land at East End Farm
2 Celsea Place
3 The large field between Reading Road and Celsea Place.
The event will be in The Pavilion, Station Road this Friday 21st between 3 and 8pm.


2 thoughts on “New Housing Consultation

  1. Hi Mark, we met at the consultation this afternoon. We have lived on Rothwells Close for about four years and this is the first we’ve heard of plans to develop the field behind our house. We were careful when we bought the house to check that the field wasn’t going to get built on. And if we hadn’t heard about the cycle path consultation we’d probably still be in the dark. Can I ask how the council advertised the consultation? As people who would be very seriously affected if that land were developed I would have thought we’d have been a bit more actively engaged. As far as I can tell we haven’t had anything through the post or any other contact. Now that I’ve searched the SODC website I see remarks saying that the local community said that the development of the field behind us was a popular option. I’m not sure what this is based on – I don’t remember having the chance to comment.

    • Hi Steve
      Sorry to have taken so long to reply to your comment, but my mum died the day after we met and, as you can imagine, things have slipped a bit.
      The three consultations have been advertised widely via various websites (including SODC and the Parish Council), posters (fifty throughout the village for the last one), The Forty magazine, my blog and word of mouth.
      Parish Council minutes and, crucially, agendas can be viewed in the library or online at the CPC website.
      At the next Parish Council meeting we will be discussing the criteria we would like the District Council to adopt when they select a site or sites in the village.

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