Cycle Path Consultation

Cholsey Parish Council are consulting on a cycle path to run along the Wallingford Road.
The cycle path will replace the existing path and will be used by both cycles and pedestrians.
Money for the route has come from developer infrastructure contributions.
In addition to the cycle path the scheme will include a small “build out” to slow traffic entering the village.
The consultation will take place at The Pavilion, Station Road on Friday 20th March from 3 to 8pm and Saturday 21st March from 10am to 1pm


4 thoughts on “Cycle Path Consultation

  1. Have you considered the bigger picture of putting a cycle path along Wallingford Road…. As this was the reason why we stopped the council from taking away the school buses into Wallingford School as the path was considered too dangerous as it is too narrow, if you widen it the school buses will be taken away. This will then obviously upset a lot of residents and increase the traffic travelling into and out of Wallingford.

    • Hi Lorraine
      Thanks for your comment.
      However I have to say that I think it would be wrong to conflate these two issues. For many years villagers have sought a safer cycle route to Wallingford – and vice versa – and we now have the ability to deliver this. Cyclists are a vulnerable road user group and I think it is unhelpful to pit one user group against another (potential) user group.
      The withdrawal of the bus service – if it happens – will be direct ly related to government cuts and not whether or not there is a cycle path. My recollection is that the path was never judged unsafe.
      I will continue to fight against the rationalisation of the bus service if it is proposed for the children of our village.

      • The width of the path will be maximised to create a surface of between four and five feet width. A dual use path would ideally be five feet wide, but this is not possible on the Wallingford Road.

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