Fulscot Bridge Sight Lines

Whilst everyone has welcomed the re-opening of the bridge, a couple of people have suggested that the sight lines on the bridge aren’t as good as on the old one.
I asked Kirsty Dickson, liaison officer at Network Rail, to find out if this is the case and she tells me that “the sightlines vary depending on where you are on the bridge although in all cases they are at least as good as before and in some cases the sightlines have been improved”.
I agree with this and am really glad that the bridge is substantially wider and has lost those awful brick pillars at either end.


2 thoughts on “Fulscot Bridge Sight Lines

  1. I’m not sure the bridge is any wider, but it certainly seems so, probably because of the removal of those brick pillars you refer to. The sight lines seemed to me generally better. You still have to take care and approach the apex slowly (no bad thing). Just a shame it took so long to complete.

    • Hi Phil I completely agree about the time it took. Far too long, but their issues here have helped some of the communities further down the line. In a couple of places they are re-building the bridges next to the existing and will then move them into place over a weekend or Bank Holiday. Best M

      Mark Gray Oxfordshire County Councillor Chair. Cholsey Parish Council SODC District Councillor http://www.markgrayblog.wordpress.com/

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