Beer Festival

Don’t forget the CHOKO Beer Festival at the Laurence Hall.
Live music all day and entertainment for all the family.
At the Laurence Hall until late tonight – usually until the beer runs out!
Over the years this event has raised tens of thousands of pounds of self help money for the community of Kodumela in South Africa.


Apply Online For Primary and Secondary School Places

Applications for children due to start primary or secondary school in September 2015 can now be made online.

Families with children born between 1 September 2010 and 31 August 2011 are urged to visit the primary school admissions pages on the council’s website to find out more about how to apply for places for next year.

Applications for primary or junior schools also need to be made for children currently attending an infant school who were born between 1 September 2007 and 31 August 2008.

Families with children due to move up to secondary school next September should visit the secondary school admissions pages.

Stating three preferences

When applying parents are strongly advised to state three preferences and include their catchment school as one of these – even if it is their third preference school.

This does not in any way affect families’ chances of securing a place at their first-preference school.

Postal applications

The council still accepts postal applications but recommends families apply online where possible, as this helps speed up the applications process.

Applying online also means families receive an automatic response confirming their application has been received and can be quickly notified if further information is needed.

Those who apply online will also receive an email on allocation day informing them of the outcome of their application, thus avoiding a delay in waiting for a letter to arrive in the post.

Postal application forms, as well as information booklets are available from all Oxfordshire schools and nurseries, and from reception at County Hall in Oxford. Reference copies of information booklets are also available from all Oxfordshire libraries.

The deadline for primary and junior school applications is 15 January 2015. The deadline for secondary school applications is 31 October 2014.

Apply on time

Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Children, Education and Families Melinda Tilley said: “It’s important that parents ensure they apply for a school place for their child on time, as this increases the chances we will be able to offer them a place at a school listed among their preferences.

“Understandably, many parents have strong views about which school they would like their child to attend, however, we would always urge families to state three preferences on their application form, and include their catchment school as one of these – even if it is their third preference. This does not in any way reduce the chances of securing a place at your first-preference school. All the information about how to apply can be found on our website.”

The council was able to offer first-preference places for almost 90 per cent of children starting primary school in Oxfordshire this year. More than 90 per cent of secondary school applicants were offered a place at their first-preference school.

Post Office Drop-In

The Post Office will be holding a “drop-in” session this afternoon/evening at the Pavilion from 4 to 7pm..
The reason for the session is to hear opinions on the new Post Office counter in the village Tesco.
Can I encourage as many people to attend as possible. Many people have shared negative experiences with me and this is your opportunity to tell the Post Office direct.

Fulscot Bridge Sight Lines

Whilst everyone has welcomed the re-opening of the bridge, a couple of people have suggested that the sight lines on the bridge aren’t as good as on the old one.
I asked Kirsty Dickson, liaison officer at Network Rail, to find out if this is the case and she tells me that “the sightlines vary depending on where you are on the bridge although in all cases they are at least as good as before and in some cases the sightlines have been improved”.
I agree with this and am really glad that the bridge is substantially wider and has lost those awful brick pillars at either end.