Fulscot Bridge Now Open

What more is there to say!
After months of tortuous diversions Fulscot Bridge is finally open.


Fulscot Bridge to re-open

In a big day for bridge news I have had it confirmed that the Fulscot Bridge will re-open early next month. The target date is 3rd September,  but this may change a little.
Network Rail have used the issues that have been caused by the closure of the bridge to ensure that similar problems are not repeated further down the line as the electrification continues.
I will post an update if the date changes.

Hot Air Balloon – Third Attempt

After last night’ attempt to get airborne was scuppered by the weather,  organisers will make a third attempt this evening.
Looking at the forecast it looks as if the wind will be very light, but there may be light showers.
As with the two previous attempts the session will run from 6 to 8pm with a public set-up viewing from 5.30.
Earlier in the day (10am – 12pm) members of the emergency services will be in the park with their vehicles.