Reading Road Crossing Concerns

I understand that there is a petition doing the rounds calling for a crossing on the Reading Road. Completely understandably people are concerned about the safety of the road and the speed of the traffic using it.

In September, as part of the upgrading of the Ilges Lane by-way, there will be a pedestrian island placed in the middle of the road at the farm entrance to Fair Mile. This should considerably ease the ability of people to cross the road. The County Council is also pushing Linden to illuminate this entrance as part of the Wallingford – Cholsey cycleway.

Due to government cuts the County Council has no money to implement raod safety measures, there is barely enough money to keep the roads in a safe and driveable state. Any new safety measures have to be paid for by money from new developments.

The Parish Council is actively seeking to redress some of the issues in the village, such as the parking problems in the centre of the village and the lack of a cycle path along the Wallingford Road, by talking to the developers of the 130 new homes that are coming to the village under the New Local Plan.





Flooding 14-6-14 Wallingford/ Church Roads

The flooding caused by the tremendous storms of last night is causing some problems for residents, mainly standing water in gardens and issues with flushing the loo.

Thames water and Lanes have inspected the defective sewage pump at The Red Lion and have succeeded in getting one of the pumps working again. Their engineer will return later in the day to repair the second pump.

The engineer from Lanes will be calling house to house to deal with any sewage issues.

I have reported the issues to the County Council.

Post Office Update

I understand that the changes to the Tesco are now to happen in two phases. I received the following letter from the Post Office this morning:

Dear Mark
 I have contacted Tesco and they have advised that the refresh work is in two phases. The initial phase is the work to relocate the Post Office counter area. The second phase is focussed on the store changes and is planned to take place in 5-6 weeks time as Tesco are in the process of obtaining planning permission to remove a party wall.
 Kind regards
This confirms the information we were given at last week’s meeting about there being a separate Post Office counter at the front of the store. Perhaps a better outcome than we had initially feared.