Rail Update – Including Fulscot and Silly Bridges


Progress on Fulscot Road bridge works – showing the bridge deck after jacking into its new position, with the abutments stabilised and embankment works to support the approach road up to the new level of the bridge deck.

Network Rail today confirmed that the Fulscot Road bridge will be open again by 2nd September. The issues encountered with jacking up the deck of the bridge have been overcome and the lessons learned here will inform the ongoing programme of bridge renovations. 

Residents will be pleased to know that the night-time pile driving works have now passed by the village.

The final stage of the disruptive work on local bridges will start in November, with completion by April 2015. This work will involve raising the parapets of the bridges to stop people throwing items on to the power cables, which could cause the electric to arc back on to the person. As far as possible this work will be completed at night and should not lead to any bridge closures.

The bridges included are: The Leathern Bottle Spring Bridge, Silly Bridge and Manor Bridge. As Silly Bridge is listed it is likely that the material used to raise the parapet will be some kind of mesh that will not be visible from a distance.

Slightly further afield, it has been confirmed that Goring Station will have lifts installed, platforms extended and a new footbridge, which may also move within the station.


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