Cholsey Post Office Update

I am hearing concerns from many local residents about the proposed changes to the Post Office in Tesco.

Many people have mentioned the lack of privacy that will be afforded to customers and the potential effect on the length of queues in the shop.

It is looking increasingly likely that the provision of National Savings and premium bonds will no longer be available.

Local business people are concerned about privacy and potential security issues. One local business told me that they can pay in up to £3000 at any one time and have real concerns about the proposed proximity of the new counter to the main doors of the shop.

If you would like the Post Office to stay as it is, please respond to the consultation that is being handed out from the Post Office counter in Tesco.

The following are some ideas for your response:

1. Relocation of the Post Office to the retail checkout counter will result in a loss of privacy in dealing with personal transactions.

2.  Potential delays are very likely when Post Office business is combined with grocery checkout. At certain times of day there are already significant queues to use the Post Office.

3. Will Tesco counter staff really have enough training or experience to deliver an efficient service under the new arrangements?

4. Payment of Bills by cheque such as utility bills will no  longer be possible.

5. It is not clear whether Post Office savings services will still be available.

6. In view of the population growth of Cholsey (we are the size of a small town) the full range of Post Office services should be maintained

7. There is a very short time between the end of this consultation and the start of the proposed physical changes to the shop. Is this consultation meaningful and part of the democratic process, or is really a fait accompli?

If you would like someone to help you respond, please call me on 651333


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