Cholsey Post Office Under Threat

I understand from a letter I received from the Post Office regional manager that they intend to make radical changes to the way services are delivered in the village.

Plans to turn the service into a “Post Office Local” will involve moving the delivery of services from the current dedicated counter to the tills at the front of the shop. Customers would queue alongside Tesco customers and, in theory, would be able to transact their business at any till. There will also be some loss of services offered by the Post Office.

I understand this model of provision operates in Sonning Common and is very unpopular with residents.

The Post Office are undertaking a consultation exercise to see how people feel about these changes and I am encouraging as many people as possible to respond. The main address to respond to is:

Freepost, Your Comments. This is the full address and no further wording is required.

If you would prefer to e-mail, please respond to:

By ‘phone, please call 08457 223344 or  Textphone: 08457 223355 9th May

However you respond, please include the code 22313799 in order to identify Cholsey Post Office.

The closing date for comments is Friday 9th May. 

If you are able to respond, you might like to include some, or all, of the following points as well as any personal issues or experiences that you might have:

1. Relocation of the Post Office to the retail checkout counter will result in a loss of privacy in dealing with personal transactions.

2.  Potential delays are very likely when Post Office business is combined with grocery checkout. At certain times of day there are already significant queues to use the Post Office.

3. Will Tesco counter staff really have enough training or experience to deliver an efficient service under the new arrangements?

4. Payment of Bills by cheque such as utility bills will no  longer be possible.

5. It is not clear whether Post Office savings services will still be available.

6. In view of the population growth of Cholsey (we are the size of a small town) the full range of Post Office services should be maintained

7. There is a very short time between the end of this consultation and the start of the proposed physical changes to the shop. Is this consultation meaningful and part of the democratic process, or is really a fait accompli?

If you would like someone to help you respond, please call me on 651333.


2 thoughts on “Cholsey Post Office Under Threat

  1. Mark found a trick on the consultation site. If you tick “prefer not to provide information” at the end of the consultation form but click “yes” to be informed of the decision, you have to go back and fill in your full contact info and not just an e-mail address. So no way to remain anonymous yet still be notified of their decision.

    Regards Catherine

    • Hi Mark
      Dot said that the Post Office branch code should be 2231379 (you have too many nines at the end in your blog) Also she confirms that the Post Office Savings will disappear, they won’t be able to do any of the financial services, that inlcudes premium bonds. Also worth mentioning lack of security as well as confidentality, there are a number of people including some businesses that pay in cash, it will be less than ideal or secure if the point of service is at the front of the store at the retails tills, a prime spot for a smash and grab raid!!

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