Gravel Pit Response – What Should I Say?

Many people in the village and around have been asked to comment on the new County Council Minerals and Waste Core Strategy.

The reason for this is that you responded to the old Core Strategy consultation and that has been abandoned by OCC.

The news is very good now as Cholsey has been removed as an area that can easily be come a gravel pit and most of the sites that will supply gravel for the next fifteen years have been identified. Please welcome the decision by the County to have a change of heart.

I would encourage you to respond – by e-mail this time, making the following points:

1. OCC makes much of their “miles to market” strategy, encouraging developers to buy their gravel as close to the point of use as possible. However, developers and mine operators are choosing to bring in minerals from Berkshire, Gloucestershire and Hampshire as it is cheaper for them to do so. Consequently Oxfordshire pits have been “mothballed”. The County has little real control over where developers choose to access their gravel.

2. The County should tighten the criteria they use when identifying sites. It is unfair to site a pit next to an existing town or large community.

3. Any potential gravel pit near Cholsey will have a negative effect on the Bunk Line and The Agatha Christie Trail. Both of these well used tourist attractions are key players in the tourism strategy of South Oxfordshire District Council.

4. The southernmost tip of the South Oxfordshire area is sandwiched between two AONBs and bounded on one side by the River Thames.

Further information can be found on the CAGE website and I really would encourage you to respond.


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