100000 New Homes For Oxfordshire

Before Christmas councillors were briefed that the government was going to ask the county to take some extra housing. These new homes were to be above and beyond the thousands already agreed in our Local Plan.
Well, yesterday the true horror of the extent of these plans was revealed. 100,000 new homes for our county in the next seventeen years. And I am told that there is nothing we can do about this, just decide where they will go. So much for local democracy. Seemingly what Central Government wants, Central Government gets.
South Oxfordshire looks set to get around 17,000 of these homes, an average of 775 a year.
I believe these homes must not be ‘bolted on’ to existing communities as in many cases the existing infrastructure just cannot cope. I will be calling on the District Council to resist the imposition of these homes, but if all else fails they should go in a new settlement near Oxford.


One thought on “100000 New Homes For Oxfordshire

  1. While sharing your dislike for the principle of another 100,000 homes over and above the existing plan, I think I disagree about how they should be distributed. This is an awful lot of people, a large proportion of whom will need jobs. They may already have jobs in the area, but will still have to get to them. Plonking an enormous new estate in the middle of the countryside (Berinsfield comes to mind!) doesn’t seem to tick many of the boxes that will need to be ticked (except NIMBY).

    I would have thought it more sensible to attach the housing to existing large communities where there are jobs (or jobs are more likely to be created), and transport links. There won’t be adequate facilities, but there aren’t any facilities in a new town, either, until they are provided. At least there will be a community.

    In Cholsey we don’t have a great deal of employment, but we have excellent transport links to Reading, Didcot and Oxford (and London, at a price), We have quite good facilities for a village of our size – good shops and more community halls than you can shake a stick at. What we really lack (and we lack it already, without any extra housing) is a large enough school. And I don’t know how much additional capacity the secondary schools in Wallingford and Didcot have. Taking on some of these additional houses might well help us as a community to secure our future, with adequate shops and schooling.

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