Fix My Street

We must all be aware of the state of the roads and the havoc that has been wrought by the recent rain and floods. We are fortunate that temperatures have been mild, otherwise the situation might be much worse.

The County has a whole team of engineers who constantly monitor and repair the roads, but they aren’t able to see all roads all the time.

This is where we can help. If you spot a pothole or other damage near to you, please log in to the Fix My Street site and report your concerns. The site will ask you for a postcode and some details, including how to contact you, You can even add a photo of the damage.

I should warn you that a pothole needs to be as deep as a 400g can of beans before it can be repaired – if it is shallower the tarmac will just pop out.

When you identify the area of the damage on Fix My Street you will be able to see if your site has already been reported by someone else. I would still continue to report the pothole as it will add to the pressure on the repairers to mend the damage.


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