Big Delay to Fulscot Bridge

I have just heard that the Fulscot Bridge will be closed for a further six months.

Apparently Network Rail have discovered that there are issues with the structure of the bridge.

Initially, when they came up with the short delay that they put down to the weather, I was prepared to give them the benefit of the doudt. However, now I think they should have surveyed the bridge properly in the first place.

I will push for the bridge to be open as soon as possible, but Network rail are a law unto themselves. It is very obvious that the diversion road through North Moreton is not coping well with all the extra traffic.


3 thoughts on “Big Delay to Fulscot Bridge

  1. My understanding is that Network Rail’s original plan was to replace the bridge (51:68) completely with a structure not unlike that at Dunsomer Hill and bridge 51:12. However, in response to local pressure the plan was amended to preserve the period appearance of bridge 51:68 as far as possible. Complete replacement would have necessitated closure for many months, part replacement for 15 weeks maximum.
    Not for the first time, the new footbridge at Didcot North Junction being another local example, Network Rail are found severely wanting. You only have to watch them “in action” as I frequently do to understand why. I have asked Oxfordshire County Council for an explanation but doubt whether they will provide anything other than excuses. Meanwhile the gross inconvenience plus damage and danger elsewhere will continue.

    • also only took 3months to fix line in sure there s somthing in railway act. that says they(railway) have to make access over their lines

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