Charity Trek in Cambodia by Angela Rowlands

My friend, fellow parish councillor and former Youth Club chair, Angela Rowlands, is aiming to raise a massive £3,500 for research into cancer. Angela has had two friends diagnosed with Lymphoma and has had what she describes as “a bit of health scare” herself.

In November she plans to undertake a 10 day trek in the Cambodian jungle. Angela will be trekking up to 8 hours a day and the challenge is graded as ‘tough’ due to basic living conditions, the extreme heat, humidity and having to carry kit.

Angela says “Those of you who know me well, will know that after some training I will be able to achieve the trekking, but the real challenge to me will be the camping! I have never camped, even in this country; Ihave a weakness for 5 star hotels with room service and cannot even go to the toilet if there isn’t a lock on the door! Besides, where do you plug in hair straighteners in the jungle?!”

If you would like to sponsor Angela you can do so by:
Donating securely via her PayPal account (Send money to or
through her “Just Giving” site at

I have offered to take Angela camping in the UK and the use of my solar powered hair straighteners!


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