Further Update 12.45

Just spoke to Thames Water about the overflowing sewers in the centre of the village. They say they can do nothing at this time and won’t be able to clear anything until the water level drops; the system is overloaded.

As regards a clean-up of sewage, they say this will happen automatically, but not until the possibility of further flooding has gone. I will ensure that both I and the Parish Council keep on their case.


3 thoughts on “Further Update 12.45

  1. The best thing that could happen would be for OCC or Highways Agency (whoever is responsible) to clear out the storm drains. We escaped last night because the drain at the side of the road took most of the sewage away, but it’s full of debris (crisp packets, leaves etc). If that fails many properties will have problems.

    • Any road-sweeping and gully-emptying is restricted by all the station car-parking in a significant part of the village. The gully outside our house has not been dealt with for a very long time, as there is always a car parked over it during the working day.

      • That’s a really good point Phil. I will see if anything can be done to ensure the gullys are left unencumbered on the days they are due to be emptied.

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