Flood Update 12.20 9th Feb 2014

I am pleased to be able to report that overnight the water levels have gone down and that as a result no properties are in danger of flooding. However, this has been a distressing and unsettling period for many people and I will do all that I can to ensure the pumping station is enlarged – particularly with the 200+ new homes planned for the village.

One good thing that has come out of this is the support that people have been given by their neighbours and friends. Many people have told me of offers of help that have come from all over the village. It is also good to report that the County Council turned up at 9pm last night with road signs to slow traffic and more sandbags.

I have undertaken to find out what people should do about raw sewage that has been deposited around their properties and will post on this later.


3 thoughts on “Flood Update 12.20 9th Feb 2014

  1. We need a 2nd pumping Station this one has been enlarged twice – the last time by compulsory purchasing land from the Scout hall!

  2. we have an attitude problem here, that authorities dont see problem till road is covered in water.we do not have any. maintenance of drains. there are more drains in vilage full of earth than not. mill brook.and mill brook takes water away from moretons,and even in chosey recreation ground we have dead trees falling into it leading to slower flow. and as for the farmers, well ditches dont seem to be in their vocabluary. so water just goes directly onto nearest road or where ever, my logic is if we get rainfall we need drains,other wise we will be back where ROME. found us , a swamp,The council take the money so it is up to them to do whatever it take, not bleat on about warming, thank you

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