Flood Update 18.20

I just spoke to Thames water and they are saying that the Wallingford Road flood is due to “hydraulic overload” at the Red Lion pumping station. Basically the pumps are not capable of shifting the volume of water passing through them due to the fact that the system has been compromised by excess rainfall.

I asked if tankers could be used to alleviate the problem, but was told that it would be like sucking water out of a river; the amount removed would be equivalent to a drop in an ocean.

Thames Water are saying that nothing can be done until these rains stop.


4 thoughts on “Flood Update 18.20

  1. Can they do anything about the backed up drains in the village or is this part of the same problem?

  2. Hi Marie
    All part of the same thing I think. Although we have a Thames Water engineer coming out to look at the drains in Little Lane later, so I will ask him/her.

  3. Quite possibly connected to the problems in Little Lane, the main manhole cover on the roundabout at Church Road and Wallingford Road junction is now overflowing. Hoping the storm drain will cope cope otherwise we’re at risk too.

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