Where’s My Bus?

Many people have told me over the past few months that their bus has not arrived or that it has been unacceptably late. I have taken up this unreliability with Thames Travel,  but I am afraid to say that the service is still far from perfect.
I understand from the service manager in Wallingford that there are many issues such as lack of maintenance staff,  unreliable and elderly buses and a number of pressures on routes caused by expectations that the company cannot fulfil.
Thames Travel say that they will fund a taxi to your destination if a bus fails to arrive. However,  I maintain that people aim to catch a bus to get them to their destination on time, rather than late in a taxi.
Fortunately there is now a new way to keep track of how far away your bus is. If you have a smartphone you can download an app called Oxontime that gives the realtime whereabouts of the bus you are waiting for. This won’t get the bus to you any quicker, but it may help with the anxiety caused by not knowing where it is.
Oxontime is available for iphone or Android.


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