Flooding Survey

Now that the waters are receding (with the exception of North Road in Moulsford) it is time to start taking stock of what happened, what was done and what might be done better if this happens again.

To this end the County Council have produced a survey for people affected in any way by the floods. Whether your house was flooded, if you were an onlooker or have specialist knowledge, the council is keen to hear from you.

The survey can be found at www.oxfordshire.gov.uk. I can’t get a direct link to the surveyfor some reason, but if you click on “Flooding updates read more…” the link to the survey is below the orange latest updates button.


Rail Electrification Delays

I have just heard that Network Railare delaying the completion of the electrification of the Paddington to Oxford line.
Apparently the closure or -proposed closure- of bridges to enable works has caused so many local problems that Network Rail have gone back to the drawing board.

Flood Update 15th February 2014

Very much as yesterday really. Water levels seem not to be rising, so let’s hope we will be alright this weekend.

The great Little Lane flood is getting worse, but Thames water tell me they are “monitoring” it every other day and will deal with the problem when the water levels drop.

Don’t forget there is help at hand if you need it. About a dozen villagers are available to assist in the event of any potential or actual  damage.

….And finally the Hithercroft Road at South Moreton is now fully open.

Flooding Update 14th February 2014

Nothing much to report today other than that people are not reporting raised water levels on the western edge of the village,  despite the heavy rain earlier today. The storm drains looked compromised for an hour or so at about 1pm, but the water was gone by three.

Thames Water appeared to look at the leaking sewer in Little Lane and having looked they went on their merry way leaving gaily waving sashes of loo roll behind them! Nice…

The number of people available to help in the event of any difficulties this weekend has risen to in excess of a dozen. If you are in need of any help or support please call me on 651333 and I will pass on your number.

Flood Update 13th February 2014

We are being told that the Thames will be at its highest for sixty sears this weekend, but that does not mean there will necessarily be a repeat of what happened last weekend. Much will depend on exactly where the forecast rain falls. So, as I said the other day, it might be best to leave any precautions in place.

I have a few sandbags and access to sand with which to fill them, so if you need some at short notice, please ‘phone me on 651333. Many more sandbags are available from SODC.

Also available in the village is person power. A number of villagers have offered to help with more or less anything if people are in trouble, so again if you need help, please contact me.

Second Flood Update 11th February 2014

The Environment Agency have told me that it is possible that the Thames could rise by this weekend  to the same level as last weekend. That is not to say that what happened last saturday will be replicated, but it might be wise to keep sandbags and pumps close at hand.

It is very noticeable that the drains in the village are very high and those in Little Lane have started to leak again. I have also been told that one of the storm drains on the Wallingford road disgorged quite a lot of water this morning. It all feels a little bit like things are on a knife edge.

If you would like to register toFloodline Warnings Direct to receive Flood Alert, Flood Warnings or both, you can call Floodline on 0845 988 1188 or register online at the following link:https://fwd.environment-agency.gov.uk/app/olr/home

 Furthermore for the latest information for your area please see the link below to the Environment Agency Flood Warnings page:


Flood Update 11th February 2014

I have been round to see various people today and things seem quiet, but there is still a lot of water standing in peoples gardens.

Clearly there are some issues about the ability of the Cholsey Brook to handle the water flow when we have heavy rain and the ability of the sewage system to deal with large amounts of water. I have already spoken to the local Environment Agency and Thames water, with a view to taking these issues forward once the current incident is over.

I have asked the Environment Agency for a forecast of river levels later in the week as more heavy rain is due. Currently the levels have fallen significantly since Saturday, so hopefully there will be no repeat of what happened then.

If you would like more sandbags I understand SODC have some over at Benson Lane. Prior to going it might be a good idea to ring 823000, just to check.