Station Road/ Crescent Way/ Ferry Way Parking

Following my meeting with the County Council officer who is dealing with this issue I am pleased to report there is some progress..

The officer hopes to have a plan to restrict parking on the above roads drawn up by 15th January in order for it to be discussed at that evening’s Parish Council meeting.

At the time he said it was better to approach this issue slowly, as to rush to implement a “solution” would probably end up with a bit of a dog’s dinner

This is not a quick process as there will need to be a local informal consultation on any scheme followed by the County’s statutory consultation. Implementation will also require legal work. The one good thing is that we have the money needed to implement the scheme.

If you are still concerned about this issue, particularly if you see some very bad parking and can take a photo, please contact the Parish Council :


7 thoughts on “Station Road/ Crescent Way/ Ferry Way Parking

  1. I think the problem with parking could be resolved in many ways, but unless the village has some input from police or traffic wardens it will only be a matter of time before any new rules (such as yellow lines, residents only spaces) will be flouted.

    • Hi Jackie
      I completely agree and we will work with the police to ensure any new scheme is enforced. I am disappointed that they haven’t made more of an effort now that the double yellow lines have been refreshed outside the shop.

  2. Some hope. I have more than once seen police vehicles parked on those particular yellow lines while the officers popped into Tesco.

    But on a broader note, I think we should be careful what we wish for re yellow lines, as I’m sure the residents of the lower part of Papist Way would confirm. Residents-only parking would be best, but obviously significantly harder to administer.

    Am I right in thinking reference to “Ferry Way” is a mistake and should be Papist Way?

    • Hi Phil
      I agree we need to be very careful, but that doesn’t mean that we should do nothing; there is a very real problem with parking in the centre of the village. And one thing we can be sure of is that most of the people parking are visitors who are using the train to travel elsewhere….
      Once there is a plan from OCC there will be a number of consultations with residents.
      Ferry Way is not a mistake, just a seperate scheme that makes financial sense to include with the other areas.
      Best wishes

      • I fully agree that doing nothing is not an option.

        It is a great shame that parking is so expensive at the station (about the same as taking the train to Reading) when there is so much space there.

        If only someone could recognise that there is a benefit to the community of getting people to park at the station rather than on the roadside (or driving to Reading or Oxford), and come to some arrangement with FGW to subsidise the parking costs.

        I know; pie in the sky

    • Thank you for your positive approach to a genuine attempt to improve the parking in the village.
      The police have undertaken to enforce the changes – and that includes the “access only” areas of the village. It may have escaped your notice, but the commuters are avoiding the areas you mention at the moment, despite their being closer to the station. I wonder why that is…..
      What really annoys me about this comment is that it is in no way attempting to understand the work behind this process or in any way attempting to make a positive contribution. We can all snipe from the sidelines…..

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