Christmas Bins

Don’t forget the District Council’s “Binfo” app for news about waste collections over the festive period and at other bank holidays.

The app is available on the SODC site and will also keep you up to date when bad weather strikes.


Wot no doctors…..

I have been told by a constituenty – who had a small medical issue with one of his eyes – that if you ring at the weekend or in the evening for a doctor you are put through to 111 NHS Direct. And if they think there is something even slightly worrying about your condition they tell you to go to the nearest A and E.

Not happy to waste a Saturday afternoon sitting in Casualty he went to a chemist who rang the local eye emergency department and was told to buy some ointment.

Who knew that there are no on-call doctors any more. I certainly didn’t. Little wonder that we keep hearing of problems and over-crowding at A and E departments.

Station Road/ Crescent Way/ Ferry Way Parking

Following my meeting with the County Council officer who is dealing with this issue I am pleased to report there is some progress..

The officer hopes to have a plan to restrict parking on the above roads drawn up by 15th January in order for it to be discussed at that evening’s Parish Council meeting.

At the time he said it was better to approach this issue slowly, as to rush to implement a “solution” would probably end up with a bit of a dog’s dinner

This is not a quick process as there will need to be a local informal consultation on any scheme followed by the County’s statutory consultation. Implementation will also require legal work. The one good thing is that we have the money needed to implement the scheme.

If you are still concerned about this issue, particularly if you see some very bad parking and can take a photo, please contact the Parish Council :

SODC Planning Event – 128 new homes for Cholsey

This Saturday SODC are holding their second workshop to look at where the new homes will be built.
Cholsey has been allocated 128 new homes under the district council’s New Local Plan. The houses will have to be built before 2027.
The event will run this Saturday (7th) from 11am to 3pm in The Pavilion.
For further information, including a map of the sites, please see the current edition of The Forty.