Gravel Update – Possibly Good News

You may have heard that the County Council Cabinet has decided today to recommend a new Minerals and Waste Core Strategy to the Council.
This means that the amount of gravel extraction will be cut to around 800,000 tonnes a year. The previous, aborted Core had a figure of nearly a million tonnes pa. This may well mean that a new hole in the ground is not needed.
The new Core Strategy will take two years to complete and we will need to ensure that we get as much public reaction as possible to any consultations. I know the CAGE group are already actively following the Council’s actions and Lynda Atkins and I are doing all we can through the County’s working party.
So, as I just said on Radio Oxford, we’re not out of the woods, but this is potentially good news not just for our area, but for the whole county.


Fulscot Bridge

The Fulscot Bridge, near Tesco on the outskirts of Didcot, will be closed from Monday as part of the rail electrification works. The bridge is being raised to allow for the wires to pass under it.
A diversion will be in place, taking traffic through North Moreton.
The work should take 16 weeks.