A329 To Re-open

At last some good news on the rabbit stricken road between Cholsey and Moulsford.

The road will re-open on 4th November.  The local highway steward,  Keith Stenning, says the road should be back to normal By late in the day on the Monday.

Let’s hope this will be an end to the inconvenience caused by this long and annoying saga.


Cholsey Hill Roadworks

You will have noticed that Cholsey Hill is closed for fairly major patching works.

I remember the road was re-surfaced not that long ago, but the County officers tell me it was more than ten years since the last works on the road. These works are necessary as the road is in a very poor state due to the extremes of weather that it is exposed to.

The current works are about providing a good level surface for the coming winter and the whole road will be re-surfaced next spring.

OCC forced to make cuts by Government

I know there has been much in the local media about the £61 million of cuts that the County Council is being forced to make, but I want to be completely sure that people are aware that these cuts are forced on OCC by Centrtal Government.

The County has already cut £277 million to help the Government pay off the deficit and I am told that the extent of this latest round of cuts has come as something of a shock.

One problem the Council has is that the lions share of the services we provide are statutory, so that leaves a much smaller pot of discretionary services that the cuts can be made from; this is why the cuts to the Children’s Centres appear to be so savage.

I believe and hope that the cuts to the Children’s Centres will be less extreme than initially planned, there is much work at County Hall being undertaken to look at different models of provision. We are also hearing at the “Talking Oxfordshire” meetings that most users of the centres would be happy to contribute towards the cost of the service.

I want to encourage as many people as possible to go and talk to local MPs at their surgeries about the impact these cuts will have on OUR county. Cuts that are imposed by Whitehall and over which the MPs have some control.

Ed Vaizey’s next surgery is on Friday 15th November at 5.30 in the Town Hall, Wallingford. Please go along.