More Houses For Cholsey?

As part of the New Local Plan Cholsey has to take 128 new homes in the next 15 years. The Parish Council attempted to stop this imposition, in the light of the numbers of houses currently being built at Fair Mile, but we were unsuccessful in our attempt.

A Community Planning Workshop is being held on 13th July to present options and gain local input. The following information is from planning officer Lucy Murfett at SODC:

“Planning for new housing in Cholsey

South Oxfordshire District Council would like your local input to help us identify where further new housing should be provided in Cholsey and what other matters we should be planning for in the village.

We are beginning work on preparing our new Local Plan: Sites and General Policies document.  This will include identifying sites for new housing, employment, shops and other facilities in our towns and larger villages.  Work undertaken so far indicates that Cholsey could have of the order of 130 new homes in the period to 2027.

With the support of Cholsey Parish Council, we’ll be holding a drop-in event and we are inviting you to come along and give us your views.  Details of the event are:

 Venue: The Pavilion, Cholsey

Date: Saturday 13 July 2013

Time: 11a m – 3pm




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