Cholsey Bus News – Too Many Buses Not Turning Up

Spoke today to John Hammond, Manager at Thames Travel as a result of numerous complaints about buses not turning up.

This state of affairs has existed for some time now and we have heard many reasons for it, relating specifically to new timetables, old buses, non arrival of new buses and maintenance issues.

The County Council can do little about what is going on as the services in question are not subsidised and the routes are not regulated. Apparently this is a free market and anyone can set up a bus company….

Mr Hammond says that the lack of vehicle availability is down to too many “maintenance related issues” and the fact that buses on the Cholsey routes tend to be the last out of the depot. Hence, if buses ahave broken down, there will be none left when it comes to Cholsey.

Things should improve as Mr Hammond has put more resources into engineering and is in the process of finding a further new mechanic.

Mr Hammond went on to say that passengers can ring for a taxi in these circumstances and claim the cost back from Thames Travel. I put it to him very strongly that people do not wait for a bus in order to travel, late, to their destination in a taxi.

He went on to say that he “hopes to see steady improvement going forward”.

Please let me or the Parish Council know if buses do not appear. Mr Hammond can be contacted on 837988. I will continue to monitor this situation.


One thought on “Cholsey Bus News – Too Many Buses Not Turning Up

  1. Thanks Mark, I appreciate the efforts you are making to try and sort this out. The problems with reliability have been going on for some time now and seemed to start when Thames Travel became part of Go Ahead. I have taken taxis in the past when I would have missed an appointment but have not always been reimbursed (even after producing receipts), although I have been given some vouchers once or twice after a particularly bad spate of cancellations. I always copy any emails I send to Thames Travel re cancellations to the parish Clerk at Cholsey. The suggestion that we ring John Hammond if a bus doesn’t turn up does not really help those travelling to and from work as their office is only open from 09:30 to 16:30.

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