CAGE Encourages Inspector to Press On With His Examination

You will remember that in order for the County Council to develop a gravel pit in Cholsey they will have to persuade a Government Inspector that their plan (or Core Strategy) for minerals extraction in the county is sound, or in legal parlance “safe”.

As I mentioned earlier in the year, the Inspector and the County Council have been in correspondence in which the inspector has outlined a number of deficiencies in the OCC plan’s compliance with the National Planning Policy Framework. As a result the process to has been suspended.

CAGE is concerned that rejection of the Mineral and Waste Core Strategy on procedural grounds would mean that the Cholsey Gravel Pit could remain “on the cards” while the Mineral Plans are sent back for a full rework, thereby continuing the blight on Cholsey and Wallingford.

To this end, CAGE has written to the Inspector and has included its legal councel’s opinion seeking to persuade the Inspector to proceed to the EIP (Examination in Public). This would allow CAGE to argue its case that Cholsey is an inappropriate site selection, thereby foreshortening the blight.

Our letter to the Inspector and our legal advice are below:


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