Winning here…!

I am really happy to announce that I have won the Benson and Cholsey seat on the County Council.

The result was as follows:

Mark Gray (Independent)  1194

Conservative                       545

Ukip                                     513

Green                                  166

Labour                                 154

The County Council is now “hung” with 31 Conservatives to 32 from other parties/ groups. Seemingly we shall be living in interesting times.

Many thanks to everyone who supported me with particular thanks to the many people who delivered for me.


12 thoughts on “Winning here…!

  1. Congratulations Mark, hopefully this lays the foundation for Central government, the time is coming when party politics has seen it’s day, no longer can we trust politicians that say whatever they think you want to hear just to get elected. I hope that you can make a difference. Good luck

  2. Great – Very Well Done Mark! what a brilliant majority Steve (just back from lecturing on a cruise)

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