Church Road Update

Good to see that work has started on the Church Road Bridge project.

In a couple of weeks there will be traffic lights and a footway to enable safe crossing of the bridge by pedestrians. This will also stop young men (mainly) racing across too fast on a Saturday night and ending up in a hedge on the other side….

Other small transport issues we hope to have dealt with in the near future are a safe passage from Fair Mile into the village and the parking issues on Ferry Way.


2 thoughts on “Church Road Update

  1. I think the lights on the church road bridge are a waste of money, local tax payers money. In the 40 years of living in Cholsey, I do not recall any serious accidents on the bridge, nor any lobbying for a bridge.

    I am sure the money could have been better spent.

    • Sorry you think that Kim, but I have had many people ask me about traffic control on the bridge to enable children to cross safely from the church car park to school.
      As to your contention about ‘no serious accidents’, you can’t have seen the car on its roof a couple of years ago in Church Road that demolished a telegraph pole and the bridge parapet opposite the rear entrance to the park. The driver took the bridge too fast, as do many people on a Saturday night.
      The money for the works was infrastructure funding from the Fair Mile development and could only be spent on road works. Money well spent in my book.

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