No Doctor For Cholsey

It is with a real sense of regret that I have to announce that Cholsey will not be getting a doctor.

The new Clinical Commissioning Group (the replacement for the PCT) came to visit us last Friday in the surgery area of the new Pavilion. It was fairly obvious that the decision had already been made as they told us that their policy is for medical services to expand on the Wallingford Surgery site.

I think, given the work that has gone in to this, that we have reached the end of the road and the village will remain without a doctor for the foreseeable future.

The surgery will now be let to a group of therapists including chiropractors and physiotherapists.


6 thoughts on “No Doctor For Cholsey

  1. Thanks for fighting the fight as far as possibe on this. Did the CCG indicate whether parking as well as medical services will expand on the Wallingford Surgery site?

  2. that is very sad, to attend the Doctor’s surgery in Wallingford is a nightmare when we have poorly children.
    For a start there is never much parking, then if we are late because we have been searching for a parking space we get frowned on.
    It is such a shame that a growing community like Cholsey doesn’t get a chance to expand to care for the resident’s too, by having a local walkable practice to visit, instead we have to find transport to visit the Doctors and not everyone drives, buses can be late and Taxi’s cost a lot of money.
    I say shame on the CCG, let them come and experience trying to get to the Wallingford practice with young children and the parking issues or the expense of using public transport even.
    My neighbour went to Wallingford Doctors after the school called her to collect her son as he was ill, for the receptionists to not help her, she ended up calling an Ambulance to the surgery & being taken to hospital, yet they could of saved all this, by letting them see a Doctor and them prescribing on their own premises a asthma pump!

    • Thank you Sadie. I think there is so much wrong with this decision, but we are fighting a bureaucracy that is not prepared to make a tiny change to its strategy. So many people mention the parking problems, but your friend’s experience ith the ambulance is just bizarre.

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