Latest update on A329 from OCC

I received the following this morning

“The GPR survey took place on 22 March and the results have been received. We are currently assessing these results but it appears likely that the rabbits have undermined the carriageway as well as the footway. We will need to assess whether the encroachment has undermined the strength of the carriageway and if this will need remedial work at the same time as the footway!”

Am I the only one to be shocked at the speed at which this progresses?

The County will have to repair this road at some point, so why don’t they just get on with it. This current debacle makes me wonder about the on-going state of road maintenance. If we hadn’t raised the issue of the disappearing footpath the road might one day have disappeared into a hole!



A Small Delay

Due to a delay with the installation of the car park theopening of the new Pavilion will be delayed slightly.

Our original plan had been to open on 11th May, but this will be delayed until the 25th.

The Pavilion Working Party feel it is better to open a completed project than to have problems with the flooring if people treck in tarmac.

Church Road Update

Good to see that work has started on the Church Road Bridge project.

In a couple of weeks there will be traffic lights and a footway to enable safe crossing of the bridge by pedestrians. This will also stop young men (mainly) racing across too fast on a Saturday night and ending up in a hedge on the other side….

Other small transport issues we hope to have dealt with in the near future are a safe passage from Fair Mile into the village and the parking issues on Ferry Way.

No Doctor For Cholsey

It is with a real sense of regret that I have to announce that Cholsey will not be getting a doctor.

The new Clinical Commissioning Group (the replacement for the PCT) came to visit us last Friday in the surgery area of the new Pavilion. It was fairly obvious that the decision had already been made as they told us that their policy is for medical services to expand on the Wallingford Surgery site.

I think, given the work that has gone in to this, that we have reached the end of the road and the village will remain without a doctor for the foreseeable future.

The surgery will now be let to a group of therapists including chiropractors and physiotherapists.