Canvassing Underway….

I have started my campaign to win a seat on Oxfordshire County Council for the new Benson and Cholsey division.

I am really keen to get on to OCC as I believe that a good councillor, who lives in the area and is able to work with the employees of the Council, can affect real change in the lives of people who need help and support. As we have found in Cholsey it is also possible to get new services and facilities through working directly with the County – as well as reverse some decisions which would have a negative impact!

The County Council runs large services such as education, social services and highways. Libraries, public transport and the registrar service are also the province of the County.

The new division includes the villages of Benson, Cholsey, Crowmarsh Gifford, Preston Crowmarsh, Moulsford, Ipsden and Nuffield.

Election day is Thursday 2nd May: Please consider voting for me, as I am an active,  commmitted candidtate, who has the time and skills to devote to this position.


2 thoughts on “Canvassing Underway….

  1. Good Luck, I will be voting & its so nice to know one of the candidates that makes so much effort even with small problems for resident’s of Cholsey & is a resident himself.
    Mark you could really help to represent this wonderful village on a bigger scale with a seat on the OCC x

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