Poor Decision About Representation on SODC

The Boundary Commission appears to have made a real hash of re-warding the SODC electoral areas. This after covering themselves in glory by putting Benson and Cholsey in the same County Council Division.

Their latest wheeze involves putting Cholsey and Brightwell together as a two member ward for the District Council. The re-warding is necessary as SODC has decided to slim down the number of councillors from 48 to 36.

All councils involved – including SODC -have protested against this decision, but still the BC has pressed on with it. Not clever!

Why can’t Cholsey have its own representative? We are a huge village with many social problems and lack of infrastructure.


5 thoughts on “Poor Decision About Representation on SODC

  1. I am intrigued to know what infrastructure Cholsey is lacking. The main reason for living here is all the wonderful facilities, not least the train link.

    • Hi Mary
      Cholsey is a great place to live, I agree. However, the provision of a doctor would improve the lives of many as would a fully resourced county library.
      Many of the facilities we do have are supported financially by the Parish Council – the library and youth club or are the work of committed volunteers.
      Many villages of our size have much better facilities – look at Benson.
      Best wishes

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