Potential New Housing Site For Cholsey

I have written many times previously about the need, under SODC’s Core Strategy, to find site(s) for up to 150 new homes in the village. At Parish council last week we heard from consultants putting forward a potential site for up to sixty homes.

The site is at East End Farm on the Wallingford Road, opposite Goldfinch Lane.

I will be talking to the planners at SODC this week and Council will discuss the offer at our next meeting, but in the meantime will be happy to hear how people feel.


4 thoughts on “Potential New Housing Site For Cholsey

  1. Mark, I’m a resident of Rothwells Close and back onto the farm. What time frames are we talking about here. At what stage is it, and what happens next ? Clearly whilst I understand the benefit to the community as a whole, it will have a very disruptive effect on those living next to a large building site.

    • Hi there
      Don’t panic! No specific timetable at the moment, just an approach from a land agent and a need at some point in the next fifteen years to provide up to 150 new homes in the village. The agent is suggesting 55 homes on the site.
      The district Council has identified a number of sites in Cholsey for potential future development, of which the East End Farm site is one.
      At the next Parish Council meeting we may decide to open discussions with the agent with a view to holding a village consultation. But even if the village were to decide on the East End Farm site any development will be some years away.
      I know this must be worrying for you, but I want you to know that your views will be taken into account.
      Best wishes

      • Dear Mark
        You say in your reply to a query from a resident in Rothwells Close that in addition to East End Farm the district Council has identified ‘a number of sites in Cholsey’ for potential future development. May we know where those other sites are? And of course the Rothwells Close correspondent has every right to be concerned about the prospect of the East End Farm development- should he wish to sell his house in the foreseeable future, the value of the property will plummet when a search reveals that it will no longer back on to a field, but on to a large housing estate.

      • Dear Cynthia
        If you follow this link it will take you to the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment or SHLAA which gives the sites in Cholsey and any constraints on them:


        As to the issue of people being concerned I can understand what you are saying, but at this stage we are only exploring the possibility of talking to a land agent about consulting on a potential future development. Nothing the Parish Council does will alter the fact that any of the potential sites within the village have already been identified by officers at SODC as potential sites for development.

        If the Parish Council decides to talk to the land agent we will insist that there is full public consultation at all stages. The benefit of the village being involved in the planning and consultation on future plans will be that we can influence the scope of the development(s). What is certain is that in the next 15 years we will have to accommodate up to a further 150 homes.

        With all good wishes

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