Latest Moulsford Traffic Update

I received the following this afternoon from Keith Stenning, the County Highways Steward for our area:

“First, thank you for your patience with the situation here. As you are aware, the need to close the footway is to protect pedestrians forced into the live carriageway by the footway closure. The change of equipment and the manual operation of the traffic lights at peak times seems to have had the desired effect by reducing queuing traffic as far as we can.

 As to the remedial work:

 The Design Team has carried out a simple topographical survey of the site to provide base data on the location of the underground services, road and footway widths. To follow this, we have arranged for a Ground Penetration Radar Survey (GPR) to take place on 22 March 2013, to determine the extent of any voids under the carriageway. This information will enable us to determine the extent of any remedial action required. We can then begin to design the remedial work in earnest.

 At the same time, we are in contact with the adjacent landowner with a view to removing the existing hedge, but this may require an ecological assessment as we are constrained by the bird nesting season. We are also looking at other options to provide safe passage for pedestrians.

 The manual control of the traffic lights will continue for the foreseeable future.”

I have been told that the manual control of the lights is ending too early at 8.30 and I have passed this on to Keith.


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